About Pins & Other Items

✦ When will this item be restocked?

There is no guarantee a product will be restocked once it's sold out. Most items made are considered as limited edition. Products that will not be restocked for sure are marked as ⚑ Retired ⚑. However, some items may return upon high demand. Feel free to send us an email to let us know of your interest in a sold out product!

It may take a month or more for a restock to happen depending on new projects going on and the amount of restock funds needed. Pins are expensive to make unless ordered in bulk, so restocks will most likely occur and arrive with new product releases!

As an alternative, you might find some remaining seconds or B-grade pins of sold out items available in the CLEARANCE section or during limited seconds sales throughout the year! So keep an eye out for those sale announcements on our social media!

Is there a way to fix a bent pin post?

Yes! There are a couple ways. You can take a pair of pliers, make sure to grab the pin post all the way to it's base, gently squeeze and straighten the post, then holding the pin firmly SLOWLY push with the pliers, not the pin, the post back into place.

You could also place a rubber clutch on the pin post, then gently and SLOWLY push the needle back in place. If the post is a bit wobbly a little liquid super glue will do the trick!

Who is your manufacturer?

We do not disclose which companies we are currently working with.

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