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SHINY Mega Absol (oopsie)

SHINY Mega Absol (oopsie)

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SHINY Mega Absol from my Pawesome Pokepups pin series!

This small restock of Mega Absol pins had a minor manufacturer color fill error in the front feet. A small fill area near the front claws was filled with the darker pink claw color instead of the lighter pink body color. Please see photo for reference. Other than this minor error, these are perfectly good pins!

They are also slightly discounted for the minor fill error!

✦ P i n D e t a i l s : ✦

• 1.75" Gold plated, Hard enamel pin
• Screen print sparkle details
• 2 pin backs with rubber caps
• Backstamped with my logo
• Backed on an illustrated car

✦ What's the difference between pin grades? ✦
Read more about my pin grading system here.