Our Past Kickstarters

Here are some of our past successful campaigns! Follow us on Kickstarter to get notified when we launch a new projects.
Fun fact: our very first KS, featuring 4 original enamel pin designs, is what kickstarted our pin collecting hobby into a small business!

Pin Kickstarters

Ita Bag Kickstarters

Kickstarters I've Collaborated On

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a funding platform for all kinds of creative projects!

We've successfuly used it in the past to help fund our more ambicious projects and larger collections.

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  • All or Nothing

    This style of preordering helps us bring ambitious projects to life that require large upfront funding.


    You're charged at the end of the campaign ONLY if the funding goal is successfully met. If the campaign does not meet it's funding goal by the end date, no one is charged and nothing is made.

  • Pledge Now, Pay later

    You only need to pay AFTER the campaign period and ONLY if we meet our funding goal.


    So pledge early to help unlock stretch goals sooner, snag early bird tiers, or limited add-ons!

  • Be a part of Something Creative

    These type of projects are only successful thanks to our amazing supporters!


    Be proud to say you helped bring an idea to life, and got something unique out of it!

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