Pin Grading Policy

Pin Grading is subjective and varies from maker to maker. Enamel pins are handmade items, and it's normal for natural variations and minor imperfections to occur during the production process. Pins will rarely appear 'perfect' and we kept this in mind while creating our grading policy.

We do our best to send out the best pins available. If there is an issue upon receiving your pins, please email us with photos and relevant information to so we can assist you.

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Near "Perfect" Pins

The highest quality of pin that we offer. Extremely minor natural imperfections if any at all.


Slightly Imperfect Pins

Not immediately noticeable cosmetic imperfections that are not too distracting and therefore sold at a slightly discounted price. Perfect for everyday wear and use!

Imperfections include, but are not limited to:

Minor scratches, dents, dust/dirt specks in the enamel, small low enamel fill areas, micro air bubbles, small mixed color areas, or minor metal plating issues.


Heavily Flawed Pins

Very noticeable cosmetic issues. May contain more than one flaw. We usually do not sell these and are only available during limited time "c-grade trash bin" sales.

Imperfections include, but are not limited to:

heavy oxidation in plating, deep scuffs, scratches, or dents, dust/dirt specks in the enamel, multiple low enamel fill areas, uneven enamel, air bubbles, mixed color, missing or chipped enamel, peeling enamel.

By purchasing from SleepingWolvesArt you agree to these conditions, Thank you.