Please note:
We cannot Add-on/Edit preorders after 60 days from when the order was placed OR if an order has already been processed and you've received a shipping confirmation email.

Order Add-On/Edit Form

Please use this form to request an order edit OR request additional items be added-on to an existing open order. You will be invoiced the additional expenses of your edited order, if any, and sent an additional confirmation email within 24hrs.

Please include Order# *
  • I forgot to add an item...

    That's ok! No need to place a second order. We can keep everything together by adding add-on items to your existing order. You'll be invoiced for the added-on items.

  • I'd like a different variant...

    No worries, we all change our minds! We are able to exchange items of equal value ONLY. So the item you want to exchange must be of equal value to the new item(s), such as a different pin variant or same priced pin.

  • I need to change my shipping address...

    Sure thing! We understand things change while waiting for preorder fulfillment. Just let us know your Order# and new shipping address info.

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  • Can I remove an item from my order?

    No, sorry.

    However, you can request to Cancel the order and re-order correctly.

  • Can I combine multiple orders?

    No, sorry.

    We strongly urge you to send us an add-on request via the form above if you forgot something rather than placing multiple orders at once. Otherwise they will ship separately.

  • Can I combine my order with a Kickstarter preorder?

    No, sorry unless stated otherwise.

    For large KS campaigns pledges and shop orders need to stay separate to keep fulfilment as smooth as possible.

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