Pre-Order Updates

This page will be used to update all statuses on currently-in-production preorder items, which include, but are not limited to, unexpected delays, holidays, and shipping ETAs. Please be sure to check this page for status updates for any preorder items you may have purchased before sending in any contact inquiries. Thank you!
🌙 Foxy Ita Bags Restock Update:

4.21.20201: Foxy Ita Bags have finished production and are now on their way to us! (Estimated 30 days shipping via sea) Once bags arrive, preorders will ship asap! 

UNEXPECTED DELAY] Our manufacturer just clarified that they are just barely starting their October orders this week, including our Restock order. They were that backed up and overwhelmed with orders from 2020. Production is also very slow due to do Covid-19 restrictions affecting their work efficiently, but bags are still on their way! Just taking much longer than anticipated. **Shipping ETA is now pushed to Late Spring.**
1.7.2021: [DELAY] Manufacturer informed us production will not be completed in time to ship before their February holiday. ETA pushed back to April/May 2021.
12.10.2020: [UNEXPECTED DELAY] Manufacturer informed us production time will take longer than usual due to them being overwhelmed with sudden orders. Production is estimated to finish and ship to us before their February holiday break. Updated ETA is March/April 2021.
Order paid for and production initiated! Orders aimed to ship February/March 2021
🌙 Paw Ita Bags Update:

4.21.2021: Updated bag samples for the Navy and Lavender itabag colorways have been completed! Bulk production will now begin shortly in May. **Shipping ETA is still estimated for Late Summer 2021** 

[UNEXPECTED DELAY] Order has been paid for however, our manufacturer informed us production time will be a lot longer than usual due to them being overwhelmed with orders from 2020 plus Covid-19 impacts and restrictions on their work efficiently. Shipping ETA is now Late Summer 2021.
11.06.2020: Production being arranged. Awaiting final item counts from Kickstarter Backer Surveys. Orders aimed to ship April/May 2021.
🌙 Doggo Plush Pouches Update:

4.6.2021: Pouches have finally arrived! We will begin prepping preorders for shipment in the next 1-2 weeks. Aiming to drop remaining pouches in our store and Etsy on April 17th!
3.8.2021: Pouches should be arriving any week now in March. Once FedEx receives our freight shipment we should have them in hand shortly after to begin fulfilment! 
10.29.2020: Order paid for and production initiated! No delays expected. Orders expected to ship March 2021.
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