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Amazon Rainforest: Short-Eared Dog

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This was a Fundraiser Pin! - $500 was donated to the Rainforest Trust in 2019 for protecting 250 acres of Rainforest Conservation!

Short-Eared Dog (Atelocynus microtis)
One of the native animals found in the Amazon Rainforest. They have short and slender limbs with short and rounded ears as well as a distinctive fox-like muzzle and bushy tail. Their fur color varies from dark to reddish-grey, but can also be nearly navy blue, coffee brown, dark grey, or chestnut-grey to black. They also have webbed paws!

(White fur is not a natural color for them, but I thought it'd be super cute if it was!)

These rarely seen jungle pups prefer undisturbed lowland areas of the Amazon and basins, however they are threatened by habitat loss, prey-base depletion from hunting, and diseases from feral dogs.



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